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My name is Gerry Egan and I'm the president and founder of TecSource, Inc. I hope these few pages have been helpful and given you enough of an overview of the equipment leasing industry in general and TecSource, Inc. in particular to interest you in learning more.

I've been involved in the equipment leasing business in one way or another for more than twenty-five years. I started out helping my customers arrange equipment leases when I was selling office equipment.

Over twenty years ago I went to work for one of the leasing companies I'd developed a relationship with. Fifteen years ago I started TecSource, Inc. Click here to read the Founding and Guiding Principles I set down when I started TecSource, Inc.

This is a great business to be in! It's growing, challenging, full of variety, ...and there's no heavy lifting! Seriously, it's a clean, professional business conducted during normal business hours with the owners and senior managers of successful businesses. There's no inventory and you can grow it or limit it in size to suit your own goals.

I'm by nature a teacher and I like to work with other highly motivated individuals. When I realized how few people knew about or understood the opportunities this industry offers, I saw it as a chance to create a business opportunity that would attract others like myself.

I'm originally from New England, having been born in Springfield, MA and grown up in Cheshire, CT. I live now in Raleigh, North Carolina. I guess you could say I'm one of those yankees who wandered south and stayed. That's in no small measure because I met my wife here. She's a native of North Carolina, but she seems to tolerate my "foreign" ways!

I appreciate your having visited my company's web pages and letting me introduce myself. If you have any interest in learning more about my business or just saying hello, please do so. Please click now on your choice below:

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